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A one-day workshop on Networked Control Systems will be held on August 27, 2011 in conjunction with the IFAC World Congress 2011 in Milano, see


The workshop is organized by Alberto Bemporad, Maurice Heemels and Mikael Johansson. In addition, to these 3 speakers, Joao Hespanha, Dragan Nesic and Vladimir Havlena have confirmed to present the recent advances in the field. Please find below more information on the contents and program of the workshop. For registration (early registration until April 30) please consult the link above. We would appreciate if you could advertise this workshop among your colleagues, students or potentially other interested persons.


Networked control systems (NCSs) have received considerable attention in recent years. The interest for NCSs is motivated by many benefits they offer such as the ease of maintenance and installation, the large flexibility and the low cost. In addition, wireless communication offers further advantages as expensive, vulnerable, and potentially heavy cables can be removed, which is appealing for many control applications, especially those with moving parts. However, before all the advantages of wired and wireless networked control systems can be harvested, many issues need to be resolved. Next to improvements in the communication infrastructure itself, there is a need for controlalgorithms and effective communication protocols that jointly can deal with communicationimperfections such as delays and packet loss, and constraints prohibiting all data beingcommunicated simultaneously.

This tutorial workshop aims at providing a comprehensive and compact overview of varioussuccessful research lines within NCS thereby covering all steps in a control design process. Topicsincluded in this workshop range from modeling of (wireless) communication networks to stabilityand performance analysis using diverse theoretical frameworks, and from estimation and controllerdesign problems to numerical tools supporting the design flow. During the tutorial several potentialapplication domains in high‐tech and large‐scale systems will be highlighted, including the control ofwater distribution networks.

The following lectures will be given within the tutorial workshop:

1. Mikael Johansson (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden)
Title: Control relevant models for wireless communication

2. Maurice Heemels (Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven,  The Netherlands)
Title: Stability and stabilization of networked control systems

3. Dragan Nesic (University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia)
Title: Emulation‐based controllers for networked control systems

4. Joao Hespanha (University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa  Barbara, USA)
Title: Modeling and analysis of NCSs using stochastic hybrid systems

5. Alberto Bemporad (University of Trento, Trento, Italy)
Title: MPC design methods for networked systems

6. Vladimir Havlena (Honeywell, Prague, Czech Republic)
Title: Distributed and network‐aware estimation

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