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Ph.D. INRIA/ALSTOM, Grenoble, France:

Collaborative and reconfigurable resilient control design of hydroelectric powerplants


C. Canudas de Wit and F. Garin (NeCS, INRIA Grenoble), S. Bilal (ALSTOM-HYDRO control R&D, Grenoble)


NeCS (http://necs.inrialpes.fr) is a joint INRIA/CNRS  research team focusing on Networked Control Systems. Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure; Alstom Hydro has supplied equipment to more than 25% of the world's hydropower installed capacity base.
The PhD grant falls within the French "CIFRE" funding scheme for industrial PhD.

Duration: 3 years, starting fall 2013


Collaborative and reconfigurable resilient control design of hydroelectric powerplants.
The system under investigation is a hydroelectric power plant  composed of a network of turbo-generators (water turbines). The water turbines operation is strongly coupled via their input torque loads (water jets), and by their electrical output connection to the electrical network. The actual operation is nowadays realized in a quite independent way and with a limited consideration of this natural coupling. Considering a holistic view of the system is particularly important in order to reduce energy production cost, to avoid system breakdowns, to allow fast adjustment of the supply to the actual demand, and to reconfigure the overall system in the case of sub-system malfunctioning due to faults or to malicious attacks. The first objective of this thesis is to devise new collaborative control algorithms and reconfigurable architectures aiming at optimizing the global system behavior. The second objective is a resilient control of the power plant, i.e., the design of a control system that maintains an acceptable level of operational normality in response to disturbances, including threats of unexpected and malicious nature (cyber-physical security).

More details are available here:

Candidate profile:
a strong background in automatic control systems, and good knowledge of modelling physical systems.
Application: by e-mail, at the address recrutement@inrialpes.fr
Applications must include:
- a complete CV,
- a motivation letter,
- certificates with grades, and
- recommendation letter(s).

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