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The Lund Center for Control of Complex Engineering Systems (LCCC) will be hosting a focus period on Information and Control in Networks from October 1 to November 2, 2012. The focus period will include a workshop with approximately 25 distinguished speakers, to be held at the Old Bishop's Palace, Lund, from October  17 to October 19, 2012.

In control of complex networked systems a central role is played by information. The system dynamics and the information flows evolve in an intertwined way. While control theory and information theory have traditionally developed independently from each other, the need for a convergence of the two has strongly emerged in the last years, and is now a very active research field. In addition to efforts in control and information theory, strong research is witnessed in computer science, mathematics, mathematical statistics. The aim of this focus period is to bring together leading researchers from some of these communities to create exciting cross-fertilization and new ideas. At any particular time, there will be room for up to 10 invited researchers. A typical visit will be 2-5 weeks.

For more information, please visit the webpage http://www.lccc.lth.se/index.php?page=workshop2012-10 

Interested visitors are encouraged to contact Giacomo Como (giacomo.como@control.lth.se) or Bo Bernhardsson (bob@control.lth.se).

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