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October 9-12, 2012, Cargèse, Corsica

Submission deadline (Extended): May 1st, 2012

ValueTools 2012 is an interdisciplinary conference whose goal is to gather and to facilitate the flow of expertise between researchers from different communities working on performance evaluation, optimization, and stochastic modeling in complex systems. Owing to recent technological advances and the massive connectivity of our "always-online" era,
these issues have attracted considerable interest in the fields of Computer Science, Control Theory, Networks and Telecommunications, Operations Research, and Signal Processing, and, traditionally, all these communities have had a strong presence in the organization and steering of the conference. Correspondingly, ValueTools 2012 solicits previously unpublished contributions that propose new performance evaluation methodologies (or help clarify the limitations of older ones) in practical complex scenarios, and new tools (or novel applications of already established ones) with which to control the performance of complex systems where traditional methods have failed to produce appealing results.

New: ValueTools 2012 will comprise six thematic tracks aimed to provide an in-depth look into different aspects of performance evaluation methodologies and tools. These tracks are:
- Economic Challenges in Telecommunication Systems
Scope: quantitative answers to economic challenges concerning today and future interconnection networks and markets
- Game Theory in Communication Networks
Scope: applying game theory to analyzing, designing, and assessing the performance of networks.
- Information Theory and Performance Evaluation
Scope: applying information theory to another discipline or using other disciplines to enrich it (coding theorems for multiuser channels, information-theoretic security (e.g., physical security), interactions between information theory and game theory, interactions between information theory control theory, and large system approximations for performance analysis...)
- Mean Field Control, Games and Applications
Scope: exploring and discussing new technical breakthrough and applications focusing on all aspects related to interactions in large-scale systems
- Stochastic Geometry and Communication Networks
Scope: spatial stochastic models, including but not limited to: point processes, coverage processes, discrete and continuum percolation, and random graphs, to design and analyze of communication networks.*
- Worst Case End-to-end Performance Evaluation
Scope: evaluation of worst case end-to-end performances in communication networks, such as the worst case traversal time (WCTT) in multi-hop networks.

Visit our website <http://valuetools.org/2012/show/cf-workshops> for more details on the thematic tracks.

The conference is seeking contributions on performance evaluation techniques and tools from areas including (but not restricted to): Complex systems, Control theory, Discrete event systems, Game theory, Machine learning and neural networks, Mean field theory, Queueing theory, Random matrix theory, Rare events and Monte Carlo simulation, Stochastic geometry, Stochastic modeling
Envisaged applications encompass the following areas: Computer networks and systems, Economics, Population biology, Road traffic and transportation systems, Smart homes, energy aware optimization, Social networks...

Technical Sponsors and publication

The conference is co-sponsored by IEEE CSS and ACM Sigmetrics. Accepted papers will be published in IEEE Explore

Keynote Speakers:

Sem Borst, Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs
Laurent Massoulié, Technicolor Research and Innovation
Asu Ozdaglar, M.I.T.

Organizing committee

General Chair:
Corinne Touati, Inria and LIG

Technical Program Chair:
Bruno Gaujal, Inria and LIG
Alain Jean-Marie, Inria
Eduard Jorswieck, TU Dresden
Alexandre Seuret, CNRS GIPSA-Lab

Track Chairs:
Tamer Basar, University of Illinois
Bartlomiej Blaszczyszyn, ENS and Inria
Johanne Cohen, PRiSM, CNRS
Rachid El Azouzi, University of Avignon
Samson Lasaulce, CNRS, LSS and Supelec
Hamidou Tembine, Supelec
Eric Thierry, ENS and LIP

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