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The Adaptive Control Toolbox, for MATLAB® & Simulink®, is an extensive toolbox to design, implement, and analyze parameter identification and adaptive control schemes. The design and implementation can be performed for both continuous-time and discrete-time plants.

Most of the widely-accepted algorithms in the adaptive control literature are provided in the toolbox. These include various gradient and least squares based parameter identification routines, model reference and pole placement adaptive control laws, parameter projection and robust modification algorithms, etc.

Toolbox features are provided in Simulink® blocks with user friendly GUIs as well as a set of MATLAB® commands. The Simulink® blocks offer easy implementation and design parameter selection with visual aids while the MATLAB® commands bring flexibility in specific and complex designs.


Key Features

  • Numerical implementation of an extensive set of parameter identification and adaptive control schemes.
  • Simulink® blocks with user-friendly GUIs to implement the schemes and to select/tune the design parameters easily.
  • Ability to implement the same schemes using the provided MATLAB® commands in order to have flexibility in design and implementation.
  • Applicability to both continuous-time and discrete-time plants.
  • Normalization, parameter projection, and robust modification capabilities to guarantee stability and robustness.
  • Basic polynomial algebra tools to design controllers based on model matching and pole placement techniques.


Further information can be found in the following brochure or at www.AdaptiveControlToolbox.com.

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